Anti-Displacement Strategies

Five Strategies Toward Housing Stability for All Chicagoans:  Published prior to the release of the City's new Five Year Plan, One ChicagoFive Strategies Toward Housing Stability for All Chicagoans provides recommendations that reflect Chicago's Changing demographic landscape and prioritize affordability and security in housing. The five outlined strategies seek to confront the racial and economic disparities that make housing inaccessible to so many Chicago residents. 

NEW! Housing Stability for All Chicagoans - Property Tax Policy:  Newly released by CRN, Housing Stability for All Chicagoans - Property Tax Policy builds on our Five Strategies platform by providing strategies for equity and affordability specifically related to tax policy, including supporting and preserving affordable rental housing owned by non-profits, single family housing innovation to address racial equity gaps, and creating anti-displacement policies.

Three images: three individuals sitting on a porch, a home under construction, and individuals at an affordable housing rally


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